Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Men & Ladies

Ladies Fixtures 2017/18

Date Time Versus Venue Result
22nd Oct 12 noon Sussex Horsham IBC League 80-106
7th Nov 1.00 pm Kent Tilbury IBC League 106-81
11th Nov 2.30 pm ATHERLEY Jacks Centre   100-116
15th Nov 12 noon Hertfordshire Tye Green Friendly 141-115
22nd Nov 2.15 pm Cambridgeshire Falcon IBC Friendly 142-176
30th Nov 11.00 am Harwich Harwich Friendly 115-72
9th Dec 2.00 pm Rayleigh Rayleigh Friendly 36-69
14th Dec 1.00 pm Bedfordshire Luton IBC Friendly 108-133
7th Jan 1.00 pm Surrey Barking IBC League 98-120
-17th Jan 12.15 pm Suffolk Ipswich IBC Friendly 79-127
24th Jan 12.30 pm Tye Green Tye Green IBC Friendly 115-110
7th Feb 12.30 pm Clacton Clacton IBC Friendly 72-85
16th Feb 2.00 pm ECIBA Tilbury IBC Friendly 124-94
21st Feb 1.00 pm Norfolk Falcon IBC Friendly Cancelled
28th Feb 12.30 pm Ilford Ilford IBC Friendly Cancelled
6th Mar 2.15 pm Colchester Colchester Friendly 78-130
23rd Mar 3.00 pm Jacks Centre Jacks Centre IBC Friendly 98-128
17th Mar 2.15 pm Falcon Falcon IBC Friendly 102-85
28th Mar 10.30 am Essex County Essex County IBC Friendly 117-106
4th Apr 2.15 pm Surrey Egham IBC Friendly 101-128
14th Apr 2.30 pm Jacks Centre Jacks Centre IBC Friendly 65-86

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