Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Men & Ladies

Men's Fixtures 2018/19

Date Opponents Match Rinks Venue Result Top Rink
25th Sept Tues 2pm Eastern Counties Fr 6 Colchester 129-115 Ken Gilbert, William Balaam Ron Wheate, John Winsor
30th Sept Sun 10am Cambridgeshire ECL 4 Turpins    
9th Oct Tues 2pm Cambridgeshire Fr 6 Chesterton 111-114 Dave Griggs, Bill Boyes George Lee, John Andrews
14th Oct Sun 10am Kent U25ICL 3 Dartford Stone Lodge 70-59 (18-4)  
14th Oct Sun 2.30pm Berkshire Fr 6 Whiteknights 94-129 Maurice Crocker, George Swaby Colin Demeza, Joe Crane
21st Oct Sun 10am Sussex U25ICL 3 Wealden 38.75-62 (0-22)  
21st Oct Sun 10am Cambridgeshire ECL 4 March    
21st Oct Sun 2pm Rayleigh Leisure Pres Sel 3 Rayleigh Leisure 60-58 Tony Ellis, Peter Maley Ray Woollard, George Martin
23rd Oct Tues 10am Cambridgeshire O60KO 3/3 Tilbury/City of Ely 100-110  
25th Oct Thurs 2.30pm Essex VPs Fr 6 Clacton 110-98 Alan Baxter, Derek Sageman Terry Peck, Ian Harris
27th Oct Sat 10.30am Kent Liberty 6 Essex County 116-136  
31st Oct Wed 2.30pm Turpins Pres Sel 6 Turpins 105-91 Ray Woollard, Peter Barham Derk Langthorn, Keith Riley
4th Nov Sun 10am Norfolk ECL 4 Diss    
4th Nov Sun 10am Sussex U25NDR 1/1 Colchester/Worthing Pav 44-32  
6th Nov Tues 2pm Sussex Fr 6 Horsham 104-130 Peter Neighbour, Paul Essam Colin Peters, Keith Riley
11th Nov Sun 10am Hampshire U25ICL 3 Loddon Vale Postponed  
13th Nov Tues 2pm Warwickshire Fr 6 Chesterton 134-116 Peter Barham, David Cane Mike Samuels, David Griggs
16th Nov Fri 2pm Jacks Centre Pres Sel 6 Jacks Centre 95-99 Ken Perry, Bob Wright David Pond, Trevor Hackett
18th Nov Sun 2.30pm Clacton Pres Sel 6 Clacton 125-83 Brian Hobbs, David German Colin Peters, Bernard Brindley
21st Nov Wed 2.30pm EIBA (ECIBA 50th) Fr 6 Falcon 90-155 Tony Ellis, Ray Wollard Greg Moss, Trevor Hackett
27th Nov Tues 2pm Essex Umpires Fr 4 Ilford 87-67 Ray Woollard, Geoff Paternoster John Pluck, Paul Brandis
2nd Dec Sun 2pm Bedfordshire Fr 6 Luton 115-108 Peter Gaywood, Pat Glassock Stuart Harvey, David McCathie
4th Dec Tues 2.30pm Ilford Pres Sel 4 Ilford 79-74 Keith Kerr, Ian Clark Peter Brown, Keith Riley
9th Dec Sun 10am Surrey U25ICL 3 Croydon 39-79 (4-18)  
13th Dec Thurs 2pm Surrey Fr 6 Essex County 131-79 David Griggs, John Hawkins Les Mercer, John Stewart
23rd Dec Sun 10am Surrey U25NDR 1/1 TBC 35-40  
2nd Jan Wed 2pm Northants Fr 6 Turpins 101-122 Ed Collins, Reuben Moffett Barry Fletcher, John Stewart
7th Jan Mon 2pm Norfolk Fr 6 Wymondham Del 108-120 Arthur Kendrick, Mike Smith John Green, Trevor Gosling
9th Jan Wed 2pm President Select (ECIBA 50th) Fr 6 Essex County 96-159 Ray Woollard, Mike Spackman George Dowding, Trevor Hackett
13th Jan Sun 10am Kent U25ICL 3 Ilford 33.75-89 (4-18)  
16th Jan Wed 2,15pm Middlesex Fr 6 Glebelands 150-97 Ken Gaylor, Charles Creighton Matt Frost, Bob Hayter
17th Jan Thurs 2.30pm Chigwell Pres Sel 4 Chigwell 65-83 No Winning Rink
20th Jan Sun 2.30pm Kent Fr 6 Essex County 93-121 Steve Hill, Bob Franklin Brian Squirrel, Chris Bryan
24th Jan Thurs 2.30pm West Mersea Pres Sel 4 West Mersea 40-67 Ken Perry, George Lee Bob Franklin, Dave Griggs
27th Jan Sun 10am Sussex U25ICL 3 Ilford 55-66 (6-16)  
31st Jan Thurs 2.30pm Eastern Counties Fr 6 Tye Green 96-92 Ken Perry, Bob Mansfield David Barnes, Dave Brown
3rd Feb Sun 10am Norfolk U25ECL 2 Norfolk 33-45 (0-8)  
5th Feb Tues 2pm Colchester Pres Sel 6 Colchester 111-126 Roger Kettle, Gordon Barrett Barry White, Roger Osbourne
10th Feb Sun 2.30pm Barking Pres Sel 4 Barking 75-80 Arthur Blackmore, George Lee Brian Adams, Don Fox
13th Feb Wed 2.30pm Berkshire Fr 6 Barking 121-113 Lou Jacobs, Graham White Ian Dudley, Andrew Sales
16th Feb Sat 2.30pm ECLIBA Fr 6 Essex County 118-101 Ken Perry, John Durrant Jim Montgomery, Tim Mould
17th Feb Sun 10am Surrey U25ICL 3 Ilford 47-55 (4-18)  
24th Feb Sun 10am Suffolk U25ECL 2 Turpins   Cancelled by Suffolk
24th Feb Sun 2.30pm Hertfiordshire Fr 6 Cheshunt 118-113 Bill Swallow, Brian Adams Andrew Sales, Keith Riley
27th Feb Wed 2.15pm Suffolk Fr 6 Ipswich 87-170 Gordon Barrett, Colin Peters Vic Hall, Charles Sage
28th Feb Thurs 2pm Southend Pres Sel 3 Southend 61-49 Ian Clark, Colin Peters Ray Woollard, George Martin
3rd Mar Sun 2pm Kent Fr 6 Dartford Stone Lodge 94-154 Dennis Sheldrake, Wally White Terry Bird, Trevor Hackett
5th Mar Tues 2pm Surrey Fr 6 Sutton 75-156 Peter Brown, Brian Adams Ray Patrick, Keith Riley
7th Mar Thurs 2pm Harwich Pres Sel 4 Harwich 72-78 Gordon Barrett, Kevin Wood Derek Langthorn, Bernard Brindley
13th Mar Wed 12.30pm Norfolk Fr 6 Clacton 104-119 Gordon Barrett, Will Hinson Brian Hopkins, Mike Samuels
17th Mar Sun   Auker Trophy     Jacks Centre    
20th Mar Wed 10am Club Delegates (ECIBA 50th) Fr 6 Clacton    
21st Mar Thurs 2.30pm Tye Green Pres Sel 6 Tye Green 111-107 Peter Neighbour, Russell Watts Philip Morris, David Griggs
22nd Mar Fri   Presidents Tour          
23rd Mar Sat   Presidents Tour          
24th Mar Sun 10am Hampshire U25ICL 3 Ilford    
24th Mar Sun   Presidents Tour          
25th Mar Mon   Presidents Tour          
13th Apr Sat   County Finals     Jacks Centre    
14th Apr Sun   County Finals     Jacks Centre    
14th Apr Sun   2 Wood Triples/Presentation U25ICL        
17th Apr Wed 2pm Sussex Fr 6 Barking 134-91 Andy Foster, Colin White Dave Germon, Derek Giffin

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