Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Men & Ladies

Ladies Fixtures 2016/17

Date Time Versus Venue Result
4th Oct 2.00pm Herts Riverain Friendly 115-83
19th Oct 2.00pm Suffolk Colchester Friendly 101-96
30th Oct 10.00am Herts IBC Herts Trial 89-100
11th Nov 2.30pm Kent Dartford Friendly 89-129
16th Nov 1.00pm Bedfordshire Falcon Friendly 165-131
20th Nov 1.00pm Sussex Barking Friendly 108-81
14th Dec 2,15pm ECIBA Falcon Friendly 104-148
17th Dec 10.00am Kent Mote Park Atherley 93-109
7th Jan 2.00pm Surrey Donyngs Friendly 120-93
18th Jan 1.00pm Cambridgeshire Chesterton Friendly 120-167
27th Jan 10.00am West Mersea IBC West Mersea Friendly 40-72
1st Feb 1.30pm Norfolk County Arts Friendly 90-146
8th Feb 12.00pm Havering IBC Havering Friendly 93-99
16th Feb 2.00pm Walton IBC Walton Friendly 61-90
26th Feb 1.30pm Barking IBC Barking Friendly 91-52
11th Mar 2.30pm Tilbury IBC Tilbury Friendly 86-102
15th Mar 10.00am Southend IBC Southend Friendly 69-60
23rd Mar 2.00pm Chigwell IBC Chigwell Friendly 72-60
29th Mar 2.30pm Turpins IBC Turpins Friendly 123-107
5th April   President's Day Southend    
12th April 10.00am Falcon Falcon Friendly 119-163
19th April   Semi-Finals Essex County    
21st April   Finals Essex County    
27th April 11.00am AGM Falcon    

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