Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Men & Ladies

Liberty Trophy 2013/14


1st Round v Sussex - Lost 99-120

Team Selections

1st Round v Sussex

  Steve Mahoney Falcon Andy Swann Tilbury David Farr Barking
  Russell Harmour Falcon Brian Henry Tilbury Frank Abbott Barking
  John Tully Barking John Stewart Falcon Nigel Smith Barking
  James Rippey (C) Falcon Andy Squire Falcon Mark Nullmeyers Barking
5 ends 3-4 v Heitzman 10-2 v Ovett 4-3 v Moses
10 ends 7-7   11-8   7-8  
15 ends 13-9   13-15   12-9  
18 ends 18-10   15-19   13-11  
21 ends 18-16   19-23   16-12  
  Barry O’Connor Tye Green John Andrews Essex County Paul Wilson Barking
  Chris Bryan Barking Shaun Cook Colchester Bill Nelson Barking
  Scott Reading Barking Mark Wilson Barking Lee Chaplin  Ilford 
  Steve Pickford Barking Neil Jackson Essex County Jamie Holmes Barking
5 ends 1-8 v Carrie   5-2 v Hubbard   3-8 v Honnor  
10 ends 3-13   9-12   7-9  
15 ends 7-16   11-19   15-12  
18 ends 9-20   14-20   18-15  
21 ends 10-24   15-23   21-22  

Reserves to attend :- Chris Coombes (Barking), Kevin Watkins (Essex County) & Paul Whellams (Ilford)

Squad Members:- Martyn Ball (Tye Green), Chris Muir (Tilbury), Richard Haley (Tye Green) & Sam Moss (Falcon)

Unavailable - Ed Morris (Essex County)


Frank Abbott Barking Sam Moss Falcon
John Andrews Essex County Chris Muir Tilbury
Martyn Ball Tye Green Bill Nelson Barking
Chris Bryan Barking Mark Nullmeyers Barking
Lee Chaplin Ilford Barry O'Connor Tye Green
Shaun Cook Colchester Steve Pickford Barking
Chris Coombes Barking Scott Reading Barking
David Farr Barking James Rippey Falcon
Richard Haley Tye Green Nigel Smith Barking
Russell Harmour Falcon Andy Squire Falcon
Brian Henry Tilbury John Stewart Falcon
Jamie Holmes Barking Andy Swann Tilbury
Neil Jackson Essex County John Tully Barking
Steve Mahoney Falcon Kevin Watkins Essex County
Steve Mitchinson Tye Green Paul Whellams Ilford
Edward Morris Essex County Mark Wilson Barking
Paul Wilson Barking

Trial Match v Over 60s

September 28th, 10am Barking IBC

Chris Coombes Barking Ben Wilkins Barking Sam Moss Falcon
Andrew Griggs Barking Ryan Mann Colchester Martin Spencer Falcon
Russell Harmour Falcon Martyn Ball Tye Green Ashley Norman Turpins
Mark Nullmeyers Barking Richard Haley Tye Green Shaun Cook Clacton
Won 18-17 v W Nelson Won 16-14 v C Bryan Won 24-13 v J Warman
Chris Muir Tilbury Mark Banning Ilford Paul Wilson Barking
Simon Kittle Essex County Terry Lichkin Ilford Steve Mahoney Falcon
Mark Wilson Barking Ray Bone Tilbury Paul Whellams Ilford
Neil Jackson Essex County Brian Henry Tilbury Kevin Watkins Essex County
Won 25-17 v G Cochrane Lost 11-33 v D Wheeler Won 22-15 v L Townrow

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