Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

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Mens Results 2011/12

Date Time Venue Opponents Rinks Match Type Result Top Rink
Saturday 1st October 10:00 Falcon Under 25 v Over 60 8 Trial 109-189
Sunday 2nd October 10:00 White Oak Kent 4 Under 25 ICL 3-19 (56-84)  
Wednesday 5th October 14:30 Falcon Falcon 6 Pres. Select 118-143 John Chapman, Lou Jacobs Ray Cooper, Jim Bunce
Sunday 9th October 10:00 Wey Valley Surrey 4 Under 25 ICL 6-16 (68.25-82)  
Tuesday 11th October 14:00 Turpins Cambridgeshire 6 Friendly 148-98 Brian Martin, Albert Harrison Brian Squirell, Chris Pack
Thursday 13th October 14:30 Jacks Centre Bedfordshire 6 Friendly 111-115 John Ward, Eric Roberts Alan Edgeley, Doug Wright
Sunday 16th October 14:30 Whiteknights Berkshire 6 Friendly 95-144 Ray Vernon, Tony Payne Brian Adams, Les Lewis
Monday 17th October 10:00 Falcon/Sudbury Suffolk 3+3 Over 60s National 23-3 (123-96)
Wednesday 19th October 14:00 Wellingborough Northamptonshire 6 Friendly 135-94 Steve Murphy, Lou Jacobs Barrie Crowe, Paco Rodriguez
Sunday 23rd October 14:00 Rayleigh Leisure Rayleigh Leisure 3 Pres. Select 48-67 No winning rink.
Tuesday 25th October 14:00 Watford Hertfordshire 3 Over 60s National 24-2 (148-109)  
Thursday 3rd November 14:30 Clacton Essex V.P. 6 Friendly 127-122 Jim Donnelly, Roy Baker Phil Armstrong, Geoff Self
Sunday 6th November TBA TBA Kent 1+1 Under 25 National 18-44
Tuesday 8th November 14:00 Horsham Sussex 6 Friendly 127-125 Peter Steele, Phil Joiner Alma Cracknell, Mick Harvey
Thursday 10th November 14:00 Mansfield L&SC BA 6 Friendly 153-86 Alan Smith, Hank van Hanegem Andy Jeffrey, Byron Davies
Saturday 12th November 10:00 Adur Sussex 6 Liberty 147-121
Wednesday16th November 14:00 Ipswich Suffolk 6 Friendly 132-91 Alan Knight, John Ward Ian Bates, John Furlong
Friday 18th November 14:15 Jacks Centre Hampshire 6 Friendly 152-88 John Chapman, Roger Thurlow Ron Wheate, Ken Clarke
Sunday 20th November 14:30 Stonyhill Stonyhill 6 Pres. Select 130-108 Alan Knight, Peter Workman Joe Crane, John Russell
Tuesday 22nd November 14:00 Chesterton Warwickshire 6 Friendly 149-114 John Russell, John Barnard Mike Ferris, Dennis Shrubshall
Friday 25th November 10:00 Colchester/Wymondham Norfolk 3+3 Over 60s National 13-13 Match not played, points shared
Saturday 26th November 10:00 Surrey Egham 6 Liberty 2nd Round 137-107
Tuesday 6th December 14:00 Ilford Essex Umpires 4 Friendly 88-70 Jim Holloway, Colin Sinclair Ray Fortune, Tony Payne
Tuesday 13th December 14:00 Ilford Ilford 4 Pres. Select 96-61 Ken Playle, Ray Mansell Don Spear, Keith Riley
Thursday 15th December 14:30 Essex County Surrey 6 Friendly 133-95 Mike Smith, Ian Harris Tony Collings, Jim Bunce
Wednesday 21st December 14:30 Jacks Centre Jacks Centre 6 Pres. Select 111-87 Barry Mullins, Tony Ellis Victor Brady, John Furlong
Wednesday 4th January 14:00 Turpins Turpins 6 Pres. Select Cancelled New Date 29th February
Sunday 8th January 10:00 Ilford Kent 4 Under 25 ICL 19-3 (95-82)
Monday 9th January 14:15 Colchester Norfolk V.P. 6 Friendly 177-65 Dave West, Peter Dodson Mick Harvey, Terry Little
Tuesday 10th January 14:30 Wymondham Dell Norfolk 6 Friendly 106-121 Terry Peck, Eric Roberts Fred Maton, Mike Ferris
Wednesday 11th January 14:30 Essex County Essex County 6 Pres. Select 97-152 Arthur Kendrick, Brian Fairchild Ernie Pollard, Dave Griggs
Thursday 12th January 14:30 Havering Havering 6 Pres. Select 90-127 Alan Knight, Peter Workman Ian Bates, Dave Griggs
Saturday 14th January 10:30 Somerset West Berks 6 Liberty Qtr Final 114-127
Sunday 15th January 10:00 Tye Green Suffolk 4 Eastern Counties Snr 12-4 (78-68)
  11:00 Jacks Centre EBYDS Under 18s
Thursday 19th January 14:00 West Mersea West Mersea 3 Pres. Select 59-62  John Chapman, Barrie Mullins Jim Bunce, Mike Ferris
Sunday 22nd January 14:30 Essex County Kent 6 Friendly 115-114 John Chapman, Roger Kettle Don Hassell, Shaun Cook
Thursday 26th January 14:30 Chigwell Chigwell 6 Pres. Select 142-107 Lou Jacobs, Keith Hensher Peter Cole, Dave Griggs
Sunday 29th January 10:00 Haverhill Suffolk 2 Eastern Counties U25 0-8 (28-50)
  14:30 Clacton Clacton 6 Pres. Select 115-146 Brian Staff, Michael Reeder Ian Bates, David Barnes
Thursday 2nd February 14:30 Harwich Harwich 4 Pres. Select 65-80 George Campbell, Geoff Johnson James Hood, John Gardner
Sunday 5th February 10:00 Ilford Hampshire 3 Under 25 ICL Cancelled
  14:00 Turpins Middlesex 6 Friendly Cancelled
Tuesday 7th February 14:30 Tye Green Eastern Counties 6 Friendly Cancelled New date 13th March
Sunday 12th February 10:00 Ilford Surrey 4 Under 25 ICL 3-19 (78-95)
  14:30 Tye Green ECLIBA 6 Executive Cancelled
Tuesday 14th February 14:15 Colchester Colchester 6 Pres. Select 139-103 Roger Kettle, Paul Costin Ray Hewing, Jim Bunce
Sunday 19th February 10:00 Victory Hampshire 3 Under 25 ICL 36-8 (75.5-40) Match scored double points
  10.30 Turpins Cambridgeshire 4 Eastern Counties Snr 16-0 97-54
  13:30 Barking Barking 6 Pres. Select 146-106 Ken Keefe, Ken Spicer Brian Martin, Keith Riley
Wednesday 22nd February 14:30 Falcon Berkshire 6 Friendly 135-110 Peter Neighbour, Paul Essam Peter Horne, John White
Sunday 26th February 10:00 March Cambridgeshire 2 Eastern Counties U25 8-0 (46-24)
Wednesday 29th February 14:00 Turpins Turpins 6 Pres. Select 117-116 Roger Kettle, Dave Withams Bob Hollis, Roy Groves
Thursday 1st March 13:30 Barking Sussex 6 Friendly 122-101 John Andrews, Alf Spratt Bob Pashley, Roy Smith
Sunday 4th March 10:00 Turpins Auker Trophy 2nd Place Norfolk winners
Tuesday 6th March 14:00 Sutton Surrey 6 Friendly 105-138 Mike France, Derek Willett Alan Finch, Roy Brock
Wednesday 7th March 14:15 Colchester Suffolk 6 Friendly 122-104 Richard Clarke, Ron Shayshutt/Alan Knight, Andy Jeffery, Jim Price
Thursday 8th March 14:00 Southend Southend 3 Pres. Select 44-61 Roger Kettle, Brian Adams Wally White, Dave Griggs
Saturday 10th March TBA TBA TBA 6 Liberty Semi Final
Sunday 11th March 10:00 Diss Norfolk 4 Eastern Counties Snr 10-6 (76-75) Essex win ECL
  14:00 White Oak Kent 6 Friendly 86-134 Mike Brickel, Alan Collier Michael Coulson, Ray Cooper
Tuesday 13th March 14:30 Tye Green Eastern Counties 6 Friendly 112-103 Dick Bloom, Ray Hunt Sid Ellmer, Harry Manning
Wednesday 14th March 14:00 Ilford Norfolk 4 Friendly 80-66 John Chapman, Peter Freeman Lou Jacobs, Paco Rodriguez
Sunday 18th March 10:00 Barking Under 25 2 Wood Triples
Tuesday 20th March 14:30 Tye Green Hertfordshire 6 Friendly 118-120 Roy Heath, Graham Walker Stuart Harvey, Jim Bince
Sunday 25th March 10:00 Colchester Norfolk 2 Eastern Counties U25 6-2 (43-32)
Tuesday 27th March 13:30 Barking SCRIBOS 6 Friendly 177-82 Jim Donnelley, Charles Creighton Bob Hawkridge, Joe Crane
Friday 30th March 13:30 Lincoln & District 8 County Tour 107-99 T Healey, A Batterham N Pascall, R Macdonald
Saturday 31st March 14:00 Boston 6 County Tour 123-93 T Healey, K Griffiths N Pascall, B Adams
Sunday 1st April 14:00 Spalding 6 County Tour 98-150 K Playle, K Cullen I Bates, G Coster
Monday 2nd April 10:00 Grantham 6 County Tour 132-103 D Spear, K Cullen N Pascall, R Macdonald
Thursday 12th April 14:30 Tye Green Tye Green 6 Pres. Select 139-115 Alan Knight, Brian Squirrell Graham Saville, George Coster
Sunday 22nd April 10:00 Turpins ECIBA Finals

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