Essex County Indoor Bowling Association

Men & Ladies

Year CoC Singles CoC Pairs Triples Fours U25 Singles Unbadged Mixed Pairs County League - Div 1 County League - Div 2 O60 KO O60 League
1968/9       Falcon              
1969/70     Falcon Essex County              
1970/1     Essex County Southend              
1971/2     Falcon Essex County              
1972/3     Leyton Evening Southend              
1973/4     Falcon West Mersea              
1974/5     Falcon Falcon              
1975/6     Falcon Falcon              
1976/7     Falcon Falcon              
1977/8     Essex County Tye Green              
1978/9     Falcon Falcon              
1979/80     Falcon Barking              
1980/1     West Mersea Tye Green              
1981/2     Falcon Falcon              
1982/3     Barking Tilbury              
1983/4     Essex County Falcon              
1984/5 M Rothon T Miller, N Wilkins (Tye Green) Essex County Falcon              
1985/6 G A Coles M Smith, J Hicks (Towerlands) Essex County Towerlands       Falcon      
1986/7 R C W Hart D Adams, D Pudney (Towerlands) Colchester Southend       Falcon      
1987/8 R F Green P Neighbour, F Cook (Barking) Barking Towerlands N Smith     Falcon      
1988/9 R C W Hart R C W Hart, D McCathie (Essex County) Towerlands Towerlands A Cook     Tilbury      
1989/90 R C W Hart B Vyse, A Pereira (Tilbury) Essex County Barking S Reading     Falcon Barking    
1990/1 R C W Hart M Smith, J Hicks (Towerlands) Tilbury Falcon A Cook     Towerlands Clacton    
1991/2 R C W Hart A Lockyear, K Blackman (Essex County) Tye Green Towerlands A Blake     Towerlands Tye Green    
1992/3 D Gildersleve P Ayling, A Nimmo (Tye Green) Barking Tilbury A Blake     Towerlands Colchester    
1993/4 D Gildersleve L Freeman, R Marrable (Clacton) Tilbury Towerlands A Blake     Falcon Barking    
1994/5 R C W Hart M Crocker, P Watford (Tye Green) Colchester Southend J Holmes     Falcon Tilbury    
1995/6 R C W Hart M Smith, J Hicks (Towerlands) Tilbury Essex County A Blake     Falcon Clacton    
1996/7 D Gildersleve J Holmes, T Butler (Havering) Havering Colchester J Holmes     Falcon Essex County Falcon  
1997/8 D Gildersleve D King, F Potton (Southend) Falcon Havering P Dawson     Havering Barking Tye Green  
1998/9 R C W Hart R Chinery, P Rodriguez (Ilford) Barking Essex County A Dawson     Barking Tilbury Southend  
1999/2000 D Gildersleve P Ayling, A Nimmo (Tye Green) Falcon Barking S Mitchinson     Falcon West Mersea Jacks Centre  
2000/1 G Walls D Else, C Clark (Essex County) Barking Barking S Thomson     Barking Havering Jacks Centre  
2001/2 S Mitchinson J Ridley, G Moss (Falcon) Falcon Towerlands S Elmer     Barking Colchester Jacks Centre  
2002/3 R C W Hart I Gildersleve, D Gildersleve (Falcon) Essex County Falcon A Seth     Barking West Mersea Tye Green  
2003/4 R C W Hart A Pereira, J Barnes (Tilbury) Falcon Falcon B Dutson     Falcon Essex County Turpins Colchester
2004/5 R C W Hart I Gildersleve, D Gildersleve (Falcon) Barking Barking A Seth     Barking Turpins Falcon Clacton
2005/6 B Gay G Arnold, S Pickford (Barking) Tye Green Falcon A Seth     Falcon Havering Falcon Barking
2006/7 J Rippey J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Barking Tilbury A Seth     Falcon Essex County Havering Jacks Centre
2007/8 P Maynard J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Falcon Colchester S Pearce M Rogacs   Barking Colchester Barking Clacton
2008/9 R Catton J James, J Tully (Havering) Falcon Jacks Centre N Measom N Measom   Falcon Turpins Turpins Tilbury
2009/10 J Rippey J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Falcon Turpins L Chaplin E Morris   Barking Colchester Havering Barking 'A'
2010/11 J Rippey B O'Connor, S Mitchinson (Tye Green) Barking Barking C Muir R Harmour   Barking Havering Clacton Barking 'A'
2011/12 A Squire J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Essex County Barking L Sabatini A Norman   Barking Tilbury Barking Essex County
2012/13 A Squire E Ovel, D Gildersleve (Falcon) Falcon Essex County L Sabatini A Tokley   Essex County Clacton Barking Barking
2013/14 A Squire J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Essex County Barking A Norman N Lee S Beavis, A Squire (Falcon) Essex County Tilbury Barking Essex County
2014/15 S Mitchinson B O'Connor, S Mitchinson (Tye Green) Essex County Colchester J Jenner S Kittle S Beavis, A Squire (Falcon) Tye Green Ilford Walton Colchester
2015/16 S Mitchinson J Fuge, E Morris (Essex County) Essex County Essex County J Fuge K Peacock S Kemp, N Jackson (Essex County) Essex County Tilbury Barking Barking
2016/17 T Mould J Rippey, A Squire (Falcon) Falcon Essex County) H Ambrose S Dunn S Beavis, A Squire (Falcon) Barking Clacton Essex County Falcon
2017/18 J Rippey R Measom, P Brandon (Southend) Falcon Tilbury S Dunn M Samuels S Beavis, A Squire (Falcon Essex County Havering Falcon Tye Green
2018/19 J. Holmes D Hughes, M Nullmeyers (Barking) Colchester Colchester S Moss I Day S kemp, N Jackson (Essex County) Barking Tilbury Barking Clacton B

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