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Ladies County Competitions – Rules

Competitors should read and understand these rules before playing any game.

1.     Players for each team must be named on the Competition entry form. Any alteration to that original team on and before the first game is played will then constitute the team. No phone calls are necessary.

In the subsequent rounds of the competition, one and the same substitute may be used and must be clearly indicated on the score card. No phone calls are necessary.

2.     Results must be telephoned to the Zone Competition Secretary on the day the match has been played, or if it is an evening fixture on the following day. Calls to be made between 09:30 am and 09:30 pm.

If results cards are scanned same day as match there is no need to telephone as well.

3.     Please remember to put the Competition and both team names on the score card at the top and write all competitors names clearly.

4.     Any team who is given a walk over must notify their Zone Competition Secretary, then send a card stating they have been given a walk over with all the names of their team, the competition involved, as this constitutes a game played.

5.     The Challenger shall offer her Opponent the choice of three dates in different weeks with Monday as the 1st day of the week, one should be evening or weekend. Where there is a preliminary round, the dates shall be offered not less than 14 days before the closing date of that round. For all other rounds, dates must be offered within five days of the closing date of the previous round. If Rule 5 is not complied with, the Opponent becomes the Challenger and will offer three dates at her own club.

6.     When dates are offered, arrangements must be confirmed with 3 days. Do not leave dates offered on an answerphone without following up.

Please, please make every effort to confirm dates offered with 3 days to help those clubs with limited rink availability.

When challenged, being on holiday or playing a club game is not sufficient reason for demanding an alternative date. However, consideration of another date should be given if a National or County competition clashes.

7.     All games limited to four hours only (including trial ends) except singles which are 21 shots, with the exception of Semi-Finals and Finals which shall be four hours excluding trial ends, except singles, as above.

8.     Games shall not be started before 10:00 am or after 6:00pm unless by mutual consent (please take into consideration the distance your opponent has to travel).

9.     Any game cancelled due to extreme weather conditions i.e. snow, fog or floods – can be rearranged if still within the play date.

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