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Ladies Inter Club Two Rink League - Rules

  1. All bowls must bear a legible date stamp of 1985 or later and Club stickers.
  2. All cards must be signed by both skips and sent to the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the game, no phone calls are necessary.
  3. a. Games, including Trial ends, to be limited to four hours until the semi-final and final which shall be limited to four hours excluding trial ends.
    b. All games to be played in greys until the semi and finals
  4. The first named team will initiate on which day(s) the rinks are to be played. One rink to be played at home and one away (on the same day or near as possible).
  5. a. The scoring will be, each Home and Away to receive 2 points for a win; 1 point for a draw; 2 points for an overall winner; 1 point each for an overall draw. 2 points and 5 shots awarded for a rink given, claimed or conceded before the commencement of play. A defaulting team will not be awarded the 2 points for an overall win. A game called off by both teams – no points or shots will be awarded (except in extreme circumstances – see rule 9(a)). If a club concedes both rinks, all 6 points and 10 shots will be awarded to the opposition.
    b. Where it is not possible to play two full rinks, clubs may play one rink of four players and one of three (losing 25% of shots on triples rink) twice in any one season.
    c. Where a club can fulfil only ONE rink of four players, the conceded rink must be the home rink.
    d. Fixtures must be played by the play-by-dates, but may be played earlier by mutual agreement.
  6. All games must be played by the date in the handbook
  7. a. Each player home and away is responsible for her own rink fees.
    b. When clubs mutually agree, rink fees may be paid on a reciprocal basis.
    c. Home Club to provide and pay for mutually agreed after match light refreshments
  8. The challenger for the final will alternate yearly between Zones A and B. The challenger will decide which rink shall play the Extra End, before the start of the game.
  9. a. As in Laws of the Game, in the event of a blackout, emergency evacuation of the building or extreme weather conditions, each rink will be awarded 1 point and 5 shots.
    b. Any game cancelled before commencement due to extreme weather, each rink will be awarded 1 point and 5 shots.
    c. Any game cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, can be rearranged if it is still within the play-by-date.

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